We would love it, if you could be a part of La Brizna. All of us that live in and dedícate ourselves to it are lovers of relaxation, nature and design. A mixture of passions we would like to share with you.

Here at La Brizna, you live a unique experience in the heart of a Geopark. Your senses will be filled by the surroundings, the views, the silence… In this enchanting corner of Caceres, you will definitely sense yourself as being a part of the marvels the Earth has given us..

We are very fotunate to be able to enjoy this natural splendor. But, if there is one thing that truly moves us more, it is being able to offer this fascinating adventure trip to others.

La Brizna is magical and you will surely remember how this marvellous escape took you far away from the routine of daily life.

We extend a warm welcome to you, please, make yourself at home!






Cuando cruzas la puerta de tu casa, una cesta de jabones artesanales y un pequeño aperitivo de frutos de temporada cultivados en la propia finca te dan la bienvenida.









We will tell you some of the best guarded secrets of the land and we will share with you some specific remote spots inside and outside the estate.









This 3-star rural complex consists of 15 hectares and 7 wooden chalets that represent an avant-garde concept to accommodation of it’s class.







7 nights at La Brizna

• 13 % discount on reservations mínimun 7 nights
• Pre-payment tariff,not refundable.
• Cancellations and modifications not permitted.
• Whole stay to be charged at time of booking.
• Promotion not valid with other offers.

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